20 Aug, 2017
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Tips to choose properly non-fiction books (Documentaries)

The nonfiction books contain information about reality and help readers to learn about concepts, information, events or people. These works are highly attractive to satisfy children’s curiosity, to clear up points, answer questions and understand the reasons behind things.

What to focus on?
·     Evaluate if the book has an attractive design, it is easy to handle, has an adequate binding and text and images are well-printed.
·     Sound out the text to make sure it is clear when concepts are explained; it must be comprehensible for the age range of the children.
·     Pay attention if illustrations, photographs, graphics, tables and charts are complementary to the text and its quality.
·     Weigh up layout of content; whether chapters are clearly identified; whether there is a summary at the beginning and an index at the end of the book to find information more easily
Which points to be assessed?
·     Check out the way the issue is addressed, that the approach is objective, unbiased and non-stereotypical.
·     Verify that the information is reliable and accurate, that does not contain errors or omissions and contents are updated.
Regarding the storage devices, these works may be in paper, audiovisual or digital format. The important thing is to choose the one that offers the better services and it is suitable to the needs at every moment. Be sure your children use them in a complementary way.

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